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The right product for your project

Specially designed for industrial applications and for mounting on DIN rails.

Whether in the industrial cabinet, building distributor or electrical installation box. At LyconSys you will find the right product for every project.



VPN-, Firewall, SSL security features included


Modular concept for flexible and cost-effective Integration


Robust and rugged devices for industrial environments


Uniform connectors and configuration interfaces on all devices

Infinitely flexible and expandable

Our space-saving DIN rail modules are designed for industrial use and have various interfaces.

The application possibilities of our DIN rail modules are manifold. As a mobile router, VPN gateway, fiber optic router or data logger, they are just as suitable as a unit for measurement, control and regulation tasks.

Future-proof products

Due to ongoing updates, every product stays up-to-date and is updated year by year with the latest features.

Small space requirements in the control cabinet

All LyconSys products are characterized by small space requirements in the control cabinet. The connection guide allows continuous vertical cross-wiring, saving space on the DIN rail.

The design and connections remain the same over production generations. You as a customer are not at risk for a product upgrade with regard to mechanical and electrical installation.

Our products

VPN Gateways

Our VPN routers

The VPN routers ERT50 and ERT1000 are an important part of our solutions and make it possible with the appropriate modems and modules for almost location-independent use.

Technical facts

2-Port VPN-Router
  • DIN-rain mounting (EN 50022)
  • Power supply 9..24 V DC
  • 2 or 4 Ethernet port models
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 1 relay output
  • MicroSD slot
  • Web-configureable
  • Supports VPN technologies (OpenVPN, IPSec,...)
  • Allows installation of user implemented applications

Our models

Our VPN routers are available in two basic variants.
- The ERT50 is a very small VPN router with 2 LAN ports, 2 analog input and 1 relay output.
- The ERT1000 has an internal Gigabit Ethernet switch with 4 LAN ports and also 2 analog inputs and 1 relay output.
Integrated WiFi interface is available as an option.

Your benefits

  • Security features like VPN, Firewall, SSL included
  • Wired (DSL, Fiber-Optic) and wireless (4G/3G/2G) connectivity offered by additional modules
  • Secure remote access for your application
  • Web-based configuration interface, no need to install additional PC software
DSL Modems

Technical facts

  • DIN-rail mounting (EN 50022)
  • Power-supply 9..24 V DC
  • Size 70 x 68 x 82 mm (W x H x T), equals 4 TE
  • Annex-J compliant
  • PPPoE bridge mode
  • Web-configureable
  • Many diagnosis and configuration options

Our models

Our DSL modems are available in two variants:
- The DSL3M offers high-speed VDSL- and ADSL (Annex-J/B) connectivity
- The DSL2M is suitable for ADSL over POTS (Annex-A) or ADSL over ISDN (Annex-B) networks.

Your benefits

  • ADSL/VDSL internet access for remote sites 
  • Easy integration into existing network environments
  • DSL connectivity for IPCs or LyconSys VPN routers
USB Cellular Modems

Technical facts

  • DIN-rail mounting (EN 50022)
  • Power-Supply 9..24 V DC
  • Size 35 x 68 x 82 mm (W x H x T), equals 2 TE
  • Suitable for 4G/3G/2G networks
  • 2 external Antenna connectors
  • USB data interface

Our models

Our mobile modemsare available in different variants:
- The 3GPLUS5 variant can be used worldwide in common 3G and 2G mobile networks. 
- The variant 4G5LTE also allows operation in high-speed 5G mobile networks.

Your benefits

  • Integration of equipment in mobile networks
  • Easy integration into common operating systems
  • Mobile interface for our VPN routers
I/O Modules

Technical facts

IO Module
  • DIN-rail mounting (EN 50022)
  • Power-Supply 9..24 V DC
  • Size 35 x 68 x 82 mm (W x H x T), equals 2 TE
  • Fernsteuer- und Konfigurierbar über TCP/IP (HTTP, TELNET, MODBUS/TCP)
  • 4 relay outputs (SSR)
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 analog inputs 0-24 V
  • Ethernet LAN port
  • TFTP firmware update

The LyconSys I/O modules are the optimal solution for controlling analog and digital I/O signals in a network.
Our I/O modules are particularly suitable for signal acquisition in the field.

Your benefits

  • Low planning effort, since parallel operation of several modules in the network possible
  • Diagnostic options thanks to integrated status LEDs
Fiber Medienconverters and Fiber Network Interface Cards

Für den Medienkonverter MDCV1G findet sich immer und überall im Schaltschrank platz.
Die SFP-Module können in das Gehäuse eingeschoben werden.

Technical facts

  • DIN-rail mounting (EN 50022)
  • Power-Supply 9..24 V DC
  • Size 35 x 68 x 82 mm (W x H x T), equals 2 TE
  • Höchste Störsicherheit und Potentialtrennung
  • Maximale Übertragungsdistanzen bei gleichzeitig hohe Datenrate
  • Ausgleichsströme durch galvanische Trennung zwischen einzelnen Netzwerken verhinden

For mobile use


The USB SFP network adapter from LyconSys is the simple solution for realizing fiber optic data transmission.
Simply plug it into a USB port on your notebook.

Your benefits

  • Small and compact
  • Full mobility - Power supply via the USB port of your PC
  • Network card driver for all common operating systems
  • User-friendly configuration like a network card
USB WiFi Modules

The functionality of the WLAN adapters deliberately focuses on the essentials: WiFi functionality, robustness and easy USB driver integration.

Technical facts

USB WiFi Adaptor
  • DIN-rail mounting (EN 50022)
  • Power-Supply 9..24 V DC
  • Size 35 x 68 x 82 mm (W x H x T), equals 2 TE
  • Access Point/Client mode
  • USB data interface
  • 2 external Antenna connectors (2T2R)
  • 2,4 GHz WiFi
  • Up to 150 mbps (802.11n)

Your benefits

  • Integration of mobile subscribers in wireless Ethernet networks
  • Easy integration into common operating systems
  • WiFi interface for our VPN routers
USB GPS Modules

Technical facts

USB GPS Module
  • DIN-rail mounting (EN 50022)
  • Power-Supply 9..24 V DC
  • Size 35 x 68 x 82 mm (W x H x T), equals 2 TE
  • 1 external Antenna port
  • 3,3V supply for active GPS antennas
  • NMEA data format output
  • ublox chipset
  • USB data interface